Commission Candidates Blog on SERF and Civilian Advisory Boards

Two Tarpon Springs Commission, Seat 4 candidates recently posted blogs on Tarpon Springs Patch regarding the SERF program and the role of Civilian Advisory Boards.

Tarpon Springs City Commission, Seat 4 candidates, Jim Bouldin and Tommy Frain revealed some personal perspectives in their recent blog posts on Patch.

Bouldin's blog  informs about the SERF program in Tarpon Springs and its positive impact.

Bouldin writes: 

"This sound far-fetched to you? A little too big a stretch of your imagination
Well, dream on, folks, because the ball is already rolling on this project. As I mentioned above, SERF has already received tax-exempt status from the IRS and a scaled-down version of this grand plan is in the works. And I’m here to tell you that by thinking outside the box, with an eye toward a long-term plan for who we are and what we hope to be as a city, we can create this environmental-friendly atmosphere for learning and prospering."

For Bouldin's blog in its entirety, click here. 

In his  addresses Civilian Advisory Boards and their roles in the city.

Frain writes:  

"Civilian Advisory Boards are an integral part of the City that allows interested and knowledgable citizens a chance to give an opinion on something to the City Commission in a form longer than a 4 minute public comment. Autonomy and independence are necessary and the boards and Commission should not always agree on everything. But a common goal, a better Tarpon Springs for all citizens, should be realized by both parties and each board should have a good understanding of the track we are currently on. In this blog, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to Civilian Advisory Boards and what we can do as commissioners to ensure they are proper."


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